My weird little writing world

Thursday, 9 May 2013

These are the things I need to get me tip tapping out the words. They are not sensible, logical or understandable. I don’t understand them. They just ARE.


Poppy’s writing habitat is…

* stocked with Diet Coke to the rafters, Snack a Jacks and occasionally, when I’ve been good and am ignoring my WeightWatchers app, Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers. I can’t get past the first page if I don’t have my snacks.

* manicured. I just can’t write if my nail varnish is chipped. It would be an OCD trait if I wasn’t so messy (see below). Plus, changing my nail varnish is a great work avoider. I like an OPI or a Rimmel. Thanking you.

* only as loud as the odd coffee shop gossip, but not quieter than that either. This is a tricky one to get right: music and loud chatter distracts me but absolute silence freaks me out. So I like to decamp to my local coffee place to have a gentle burble of noise behind me as I go. Plus, it makes for mega good eavesdropping! You’ll never guess what our Kevin’s done now…

* loose. It’s all about baggy jeans, a baggy tee, loose ponytail, preferably no make up whatsoever. A comfy writer is a productive writer. And, if I look a bit of a state, the local menfolk won’t distract me with their advances. Yeah, cos that happens allllll the time.


And if all that’s in place, I could do maybe 30, 40 words before lunch.


P x

7 thoughts on “My weird little writing world

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