The Bad Boyfriends Bootcamp

Friday, 10 May 2013
The Bad Boyfriends Bootcamp

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A funny, fresh take on all those frustrating male habits… for fans of Jenny Colgan, Kirsty Greenwood and Talli Roland

‘This is a great debut novel which will keep you entertained and involved right to the last page’

Molly loves her little brother Sam, but it seems other women just don’t feel the same . . . Sam’s average relationship lasts seven weeks. And that’s when he really tries.

So Molly decides to give Sam a woman’s point of view in the complicated game of dating. And when a freshly made-over Sam quickly meets – and keeps − the love of life, all his single friends are soon lining up to experience the Bad Boyfriends’ Bootcamp. For Molly, it presents a brilliant business opportunity. She’s providing a valuable service to these witless blokes, after all. Together with best friend and local fashionista Rachael and the gorgeous but deadly gym instructor Josie, Molly is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to reforming bad boyfriends.

Fixing other people’s problems also provides Molly with a handy distraction from her own. Namely, an over-achieving mother, a non-existent love life and a very sorry-looking overdraft. Add into the mix Sam’s best friend Patrick, who seems oddly immune to Molly’s makeover techniques but determined to hang around nonetheless, and it soon becomes one problem too many . . .


‘This is a hilarious book, about love, family and friendship, and it was extremely entertaining’ Kim the Bookworm blog

‘The Bad Boyfriends Bootcamp is an incredible first novel, one that fans of chick-lit of will enjoy and find unique, and I look forward to what else Ms. Dolan has to offer’ Curled Up with a Good Book a Cup of Tea blog

‘There was humour throughout the book, making The Bad Boyfriends Bootcamp an immensely enjoyable read’ Mama J Hearts blog