Exciting times!

Monday, 29 July 2013


I’ve been all a bit quiet recently and it’s because I’ve had my little nose stuck into my new novel, There’s More to Life than Cupcakes. There’s going to be lots more news and info and a COVER REVEAL (oh yeah) to come but suffice to say, I’m super relieved I’ve finished the first whole draft and am now awaiting the edits. Basically, I have no fingernails left.

So I will tell you more when I can… but in the meantime – squee. A new book!

P x


My weird little writing world

Thursday, 9 May 2013

These are the things I need to get me tip tapping out the words. They are not sensible, logical or understandable. I don’t understand them. They just ARE.


Poppy’s writing habitat is…

* stocked with Diet Coke to the rafters, Snack a Jacks and occasionally, when I’ve been good and am ignoring my WeightWatchers app, Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers. I can’t get past the first page if I don’t have my snacks.

* manicured. I just can’t write if my nail varnish is chipped. It would be an OCD trait if I wasn’t so messy (see below). Plus, changing my nail varnish is a great work avoider. I like an OPI or a Rimmel. Thanking you.

* only as loud as the odd coffee shop gossip, but not quieter than that either. This is a tricky one to get right: music and loud chatter distracts me but absolute silence freaks me out. So I like to decamp to my local coffee place to have a gentle burble of noise behind me as I go. Plus, it makes for mega good eavesdropping! You’ll never guess what our Kevin’s done now…

* loose. It’s all about baggy jeans, a baggy tee, loose ponytail, preferably no make up whatsoever. A comfy writer is a productive writer. And, if I look a bit of a state, the local menfolk won’t distract me with their advances. Yeah, cos that happens allllll the time.


And if all that’s in place, I could do maybe 30, 40 words before lunch.


P x